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Aquatic Fitness

Aqua aerobics engages the body to continuously move to keep its balance in water. Moving in water engages more muscle fibers because of the water’s consistent resistance. This helps shape and tone your body, as well as keep your heart rate up. Aqua exercises offer a low impact workout developing cardiovascular endurance.


Strong & Fit

Strong & Active is a more intense workout class which includes a warm-up, aerobics and strength, core stability exercises, a cool-down and stretching and relaxation. This class is a great way to challenge your fitness.


Active & Fit

This class includes a warm-up, low-impact aerobics and core strength exercises followed by a cool-down and stretching. This class is a good way to improve your fitness and core stability. A fun and simple way to stay fit and active.

Trainer in Focus

Karen Orman

“I have been working with SHARE for almost 10 years and i love my job.

I have been a fitness freak all my life starting off with competitive  swimming all the way up to getting my cert 3 and teaching Aqua and Group X.  I have also climb the ladder from being a swim instructor to eventually a swim coach.

I love the satisfaction i see and hear from them when i teach seniors week after week or just any body for that matter. I tell everyone it is like a bank a/c you just keep toping it up and when you get sick then you can draw on it. I just try and spread the word that it is important to keep moving.”