During COVID-19, SHARE has formed many partnership to better serve the communities.


SHARE is proud to announce collaborations partnership with Nepalese Community Association. Partnership is well balanced and SHARE has developed  platform to navigate exercise programs, counselling services, education and Nutrition programs. During the unprecedented time, we have stepped up to help this community by providing food hampers.



SHARE management teams had meeting with community groups to identify and provide services to some needy people. Many young migrants are new to this country therefore are not eligible for any assistance, many work in coffee shops and have lost their jobs, and rents are behind, depression and stress, lack of food to eat and domestic violence are on the increase. The group met to plan and strategise how SHARE can help in a meaningful and positive way


 Ajay has joined our team to assist us during COVID-19 to help some of the vulnerable participants. What a wonderful thing to do when his business is suffering – our HUGE THANKS. We encourage you to take your dry cleaning to Lawrence Shop 112A Westfield SC Hurstville – support those who support you!
Heavily discounted when you mention SHARE: Doona’s, Blankets, Bed spreads was $65.00 now $40.00 and so on. Oh, one more great thing, they only use environmentally friendly products! Please contact Ajay. 0412045327 or 9579 5851. Pick up and drop off services also available with no extra charge.  It’s the service for senior citizens.

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