Our Mission

“SHARE’s aim is to help older people in our community maintain a healthy lifestyle and to assist people in their management of chronic conditions through exercise and education. It offers a range of affordable and varied exercise classes and provides leaders to community and corporate settings.”

SHARE provides a range of physical activity opportunities for residents of South Eastern and Sydney South West Area Health Service. The programs conducted by SHARE support the Strategic Directions of both area Health Service and Health Promotion Services and is closely aligned to Government initiatives.

Our Vision

To Empower Australia-wide healthy communities

We will achieve our Vision by:

  • Building healthier communities by enhancing the wellbeing of people over 55 through exercise and educational programs
  • Offering a range of innovative and accessible exercise programs.
  • Providing opportunities for more people to be physically active and healthy.
  • Providing specialised programs in areas such as Falls Prevention
  • Providing specialised programs that will avoid preventable chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Offering classes to culturally and linguistically diverse communities