Our Instructors

Arturo Horacio Paz

Arturo is an experienced instructor, teaching professionally since 1990. He has a: Senior Instructor certificate in Tai Chi Chuan; Old and new Yang styles and Qi Qong since 1989; has completed the Tai Chi Association of Australia accreditation Course; and also holds a Certificate in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Beijing. He is also an accredited Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan coach from the Australia Sports Commission, and has been teaching SHARE since 2002 in Ashfield Park

Bernice Toose

Bernice has been working with SHARE since November 2017. She mainly works as an Aqua instructor for Share at RPA hospital, but also instructs land based exercise classes. She is a certificate IV trained fitness instructor specialising in training young people and older adults. She loves being able to guide SHARE participants to get a little stronger, and most of all to keep moving whilst having fun in a group setting. Karen has said “I was made to feel so welcome from staff and SHARE participants from my first day”.

Bonnie Constantinou

Bonnie is a qualified Pro Fitness Leader, Aqua Instructor, Personnel trainer and High School P.E teacher. She has been with SHARE for 2 years and has said “I love helping the community and seeing the results in the beneficiaries of this organisation in health and fitness.”

Catherine Warne

Catherine is an aquarobics instructor at RPA hydrotherapy pool. She began doing aquarobics 9 years ago and found the non-weight bearing exercise very good for developing posture, core strength, and muscle strength and awareness. When her instructor spoke to her of retirement, I decided to become an instructor! She completed a Certificate 3 at the Australian Institute of Fitness and a specialised aquaponics course with Kerri Parkinson and Dom Gili. She has now worked as instructor with SHARE for 4 years (2019). Catherine has said “The classes are satisfying, helping older citizens maintain their physical health and well-being. It is a great reward to see people enjoying themselves and getting fitter. SHARE has enabled these people the contact and support to exercise at an affordable rate.”

Danuta Wanat

Danuta Wanat is our Yoga Instructor, trained in Bali with a dedicated self practice and a fun light hearted method of teaching. Her desire is for others to feel the positive change a yoga & meditation practice can make in ones life and health. Her passions apart from yoga & meditation include a love of dancing, writing, travelling and she is also a remedial massage therapist and reiki healer- all naturally infusing into her classes for a unique yoga experience.

We love her energy and gentleness and welcome her to our team.

Dorothy Senise

Dorothy has been teaching since 1994.She is a qualified group exercise instructor for older adults. She started working with SHARE in 1994 and has found it very rewarding – the participants are very grateful and form a social connection with other participants. She still has participants exercising with her for over 10 years or more. Dorothy has said “SHARE is a great organisation to work for – who offer the community a great service. Different from a gym, and rewarding for an instructor – who sees the participants getting fitter stronger and giving them longevity. Friendships are formed and it becomes a second family.”

Elena Villacorta Cortez

Elena has been teaching Taiji and Sheng Zhen Meditation (Qigong plus more) at SHARE since 2015. She was a National Championship Gold Medalist in the Philippines in 1998. Elena is the Founder and Certified Head Teacher of Sheng Zhen Australia; International Sheng Zhen Society Regional Coordinator for Australia and NZ; was twice Judge at the Countrywide Taiji Championships; and a volunteer of Cancer Council Greater Western Sydney at Westmead Crown Princess Cancer Centre since 2010. Elena enjoyed practicing dentistry overseas for about 10 yrs but upon migrating to Australia, devoted all her time to spreading Sheng Zhen Meditation – the beautiful, precious life skill, loving energy cultivation wellness practice, to Australia and to the world for over 24 years now.

Houda Alameddine

Houda is Level 2 Exercise Professional, also an Aqua instructor. Houda has been working with SHARE since 2014.

John Dolic

John Dolic has recently join SHARE’s team. He is an Australia’s head instructor of numerous Qigong styles, has appeared on TV, radio and been covered in many newspapers and magazines. He specializes in teaching more than 20 Qigong styles and holds workshops, seminars and courses worldwide. He was the first westerner to complete a 6 year full time course from the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with a degree and is former lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney as well as teaching Chinese Exercise Therapy at the Endeavour College of Natural Health.

Judy Pilch

Judy is a Cert 4 qualified Fitness, Pilates, Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Aqua. She has a BA Dip Ed and a M Ed and has been working for SHARE since February 2018. She teaches gentle exercise classes, Fit & Strong, Strength, Stretch, Relax, Aqua and a range of other classes as required. Judy has said “I love working with active participants who are motivated to maintain their healthy lifestyles”.

Karen Orman 2020

Karen Orman

Karen has been working with SHARE for almost 10 years and loves her job. She’s considered herself a fitness freak all her life starting off with competitive swimming all the way up to getting her Cert. 3 and teaching Aqua and Group X. She’s also climbed the ladder from being a swim instructor to eventually a swim coach. She loves the satisfaction she sees and hears when teaching seniors week after week or just any body for that matter. She tells everyone “It is like a bank account you just keep toping it up and when you get sick then you can draw on it. I just try and spread the word that it is important to keep moving.”

Louise Croan new

Louise Croan

Louise has been working with SHARE in the fitness industry teaching group exercise classes on both land and water (aqua & hydrotherapy) since 2009. Louise has over 10 years experience teaching specialised older adults fitness classes at local community centre & community college. She enjoys keeping fit & motivating others to continue their fitness journey to improve health, strength & flexibility in a fun & positive environment.

Louise’s qualification includes: Registered Level 3 Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia, Specialised Older Adults Trainer, Certificate III, IV & Diploma of Fitness, Accredited teacher for Group Exercise, Personal Training, Aqua & Hydrotherapy Trainer, St George Hospital’s Strengthening for over 60’s Trainer, Stepping On & Falls Prevention Programs.


Maria Sciacca

Maria has been teaching Group Fitness classes at various Fitness centres since 1989 (30 years). She started teaching classes with SHARE the same year which include Fitter and Stronger, Active and Fit, Bodypump at various Fitness Centre, Body Balance, Yoga, Nice and Easy, High Energy, Hi Lo, Barbell Body Blitz, Strength, and Stretch and Relax. Maria has said “I have met and worked with some wonderful people. I enjoy my work. It has also kept me be ‘Strong and Active’ and ‘Active and Fit’ “.

Norma Rojas

Norma has been a ZIN™ Member since Aug 2016 and she absolutely loves teaching Zumba classes. Norma is licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold®, Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr..

“Every class feels like a party!”

Peter & Melodee White

Ritsuko Kurumado

Ritsy has been working with SHARE in the fitness industry since 2009. She is a member of Fitness Australia and has Certificate IV in Fitness. Ritsy specialise in fitness for older adults, Personal Trainer and also a Taichi instructor.

Ritsy has always been one of the most favorite instructor.

Rania Hyasatt

Rania joined SHARE in 2014 as Aqua instructor at St. George Hospital. Rania is Level 2 Registered Exercise Professional and has her Certificate III and IV in Fitness.

Alex Galvan

Master Alex Galvan has been training in martial arts, hard and soft, and teaching since 1994. He started off with weekly classes at the Bondi Pavilion an in 2007 joined the Share.

His commitments with SHARE students started the first day back in the 2007 with his first class helping participants improve their health, achieve a more balanced personal lifestyle, with better general fitness. Today he continues his classes on a weekly basis, with Tai Chi at the park. Rain, hail or shine Alex always attends his classes.

Sabah Khoury

Sabah is Level 2 Registered Exercise Professional. She started with SHARE from 2001 and has been famous for her wonderful principal classes.

Victoire Wasler

Victoire is French and has always lived an active lifestyle and fitness has always played a big part of her life. Being a gymnast for 14 years and competing at the nationals, at her home country of France, has shaped her into who she is today. Coming to Australia 8 years ago, she completed a Certificate III and IV in Fitness in 2014 and is a registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia. She has also built a successful career as a Personal Trainer in Sydney. She is highly motivated and enthusiastic about providing her clients with the best advice towards building a strong healthy fitness routine around their needs. Achievable goal setting is definitely one of her main priorities.

“Seeing that smile on my clients face after the session or class has finished, makes this the best job in the world! Bring your commitment and I will give you absolute safe direction.”