Organise your own community class

SHARE offers over 20 different types of activities. We can tailor our courses to suit your community group or corporate organisation. We can also arrange to have the classes conducted at your own venue. The ideal class size is from 10-16 people.

You may choose to work in partnership with SHARE to either run a course for your own group, or help with administering your health promotion program.

SHARE can customise its programs to suit your group, and classes can be conducted at your venue. We offer over 20 different types of activities, so there is something for everyone.

To request a course for your group or you would like further details, please contact us.

A brief description of each of our courses is given below.

This class includes a warm-up, low-impact aerobics and core strength exercises followed by a cool-down and stretching. This class is a good way to improve your fitness and core stability. A fun and simple way to stay fit and active.

Duration: 1 Hour

Aqua aerobics engages the body to continuously move to keep its balance in water. Moving in water engages more muscle fibers because of the water’s consistent resistance. This helps shape and tone your body, as well as keep your heart rate up. Aqua exercises offer a low impact workout developing cardiovascular endurance.

Duration: 45 Mins

Fitter and Stronger class is a good way to challenge your total body fitness while you’re having fun. The class includes a warm-up, aerobics, strength exercises using resistance equipment and a cool-down with stretching and relaxation. These classes are designed to improve your strength, fitness, flexibility & balance.

Duration: 1 Hour

Gentle Aqua classes are an excellent follow-up to physiotherapy or rehabilitation and a safe form of exercise for people with limited mobility and joint or muscle pain. The water has a relaxing effect on the body and can decrease blood pressure, tension and pain and allows you to move and work at your own pace. This class includes a warm-up, aerobics, strength, balance, cool-down and stretching exercises. Swimming skills are not required for these classes.

Duration: 45 Mins

This class includes a slow flowing warm up followed by a long relaxation component incorporating breathing exercises. Benefits include improved flexibility, lower blood pressure and better sleep.

Duration: 1 Hour

We are pleased to offer a number of specialised classes to help keep you active, independent and strong. These classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of the participants.

Duration: 1 Hour

This class includes an easy warm-up, whole body strength and stretching exercises, balance and relaxation. Strength, Stretch & Relax classes are a great way to improve muscle strength, balance and range of movement. You will also learn how to relax your body and reduce stress.

Duration: 1 Hour

Strong & Active class is a more intense workout class which includes a warm-up, aerobics and strength, core stability exercises, a cool-down and stretching and relaxation. This class is a great way to challenge your fitness.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Tai Chi classes are based on the Sun Style. Participants work within their own comfort zone and will always have new skills to learn. Discover how to create a new positive energy. Tai Chi challenges mind and body and has many health benefits including improved balance, range of movement & concentration.

Duration: 1 Hour

A fun, friendly way to get fit through dance with easy to follow moves set to music, leaving you feeling invigorated and full of energy. No experience is necessary.

Duration: 1 Hour

SHARE Lite’n’Low classes are lightly choreographed aerobic classes designed for people who want to exercise at an even pace with low impact. There are no complex moves. The class may incorporate hand weights and stretch bands. You will strengthen the heart and lungs and improve muscle strength, agility and balance.

Duration: 1 Hour

Administered projects

SHARE can assist other organisations and agencies with administration of project funding.

Agencies we have assisted include Multicultural Health Promotion, SESIAHS Women’s Health and SSWAHS Health Promotion Units.

Our service involves arranging for payment of project workers and handling all related PAYG, superannuation and workers compensation insurance, plus any third party payments required.

Our insurance also covers all public and products liability and professional indemnity matters that relate to project workers.

To make an inquiry, please contact SHARE