“Yesterday I was clever and so I wanted to change the world, today I am wise and so I want to change myself.” – Rumi

Yoga is a practice to connect with self by connecting with your breaths, movements and thoughts. It is a natural healing practice that guides you through your journey be it on the mat or off the mat. The postures in Yoga weren’t designed yesterday but two thousand years ago and each posture has its own benefits and effects that in turn reward our mind, body and soul with clarity, strength and peace. It is thus said that one practices Yoga not to get better at the postures but to get better at living.

SHARE provides the Yoga classes that are suitable for the beginners with zero percent experience and the intermediates who are looking to polish their skills. All you need is to bring is yourself and your Yoga mat! Yoga blocks are provided by SHARE. We encourage you to come and to experience the benefits of Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga by booking your spot today!

Venue:Oatley RSL Club
Time: 1:40 pm – 2:40 pm
Day: Tuesday 
Cost: Free

Our teacher
Smriti Vaidya

Smriti grew up in Nepal where Yoga was ingrained in her as her family values. She learned about Pranayama at the early age of eleven from her Grandfather who was a Yoga & Meditation practitioner himself.

In 2014, Smriti’s passion and dedication to promote wellbeing guided her to the Kantipur Publication, the largest media company in Nepal, and successfully taught Yoga through a health show called Fitness+, sponsored by the popular health drink Horlicks. However, after the devastating Earthquake, she returned to Australia in September 2015.

In Australia, Smriti pursued her passion for Yoga & Meditation and completed the 300 hours of Yoga teacher’s training course recognized by both Yoga Australia and Yoga Alliance. Smriti is the first Internationally Certified Female Yoga Teacher from Nepal who also won the title of the Classic Diamond Fitness Queen Australia 2017.

The Yoga classes led by Smriti are designed to suit the all age group. The sequences are focused on the correct alignments, proper breathing techniques and meditative awareness.

Smriti says, “Sometimes we tend to be too hard on ourselves in running that race to achieve that certain goal. As a result, unknowingly or knowingly, we burn the unnecessary energy and end up being drained out physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. As a Yoga teacher I offer my students the opportunity to regain that energy back by simply taking a moment to pause, to soften, to connect and to simply breathe as we fold, twist, roll and be present in the class. The main motive of Yoga practice in my class is to turn the focus inward and to connect with the goodness that resides within.”