With more than 3000 people attending events hosted throughout the week, the forum was a great success.

Facilitated by smoothFM’s Glenn Daniel, the day featured presentations by leading health experts on:

  • The first 2000 days – Join the Conversation: The First 2000 Days – Outcomes for Life. This strategy focuses on the importance of the first 2000 days in a child’s life (from conception to age 5) and how that has a lasting impact on the rest of life. Presented by Associate Professor Elisabeth Murphy, Senior Clinical Advisor Child and Family Health, NSW Ministry of Health – there was a special conversation on the topic, hearing the voices of experts alongside the experiences of consumers and members of the community.
  • The neurobiology of human connection – What does evolutionary biology and neuroscience tell us about the human-to-human encounter?
    Presented by Sophia Parnas, Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapy Educator, Concord Centre for Mental Health Specialist Educator, Centre for Education and Workforce Development
  • Cultivating an adaptive mindset for resiliency
  • Wellness for healthcare professionals

The event was held on Thursday 27 June, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency, Sydney. Talks were then followed by snapshots, workshops and follow the speaker sessions .