Nurse Sagun Kandel is here to listen and provide advice

With the growing need for comfort and support in the SHARE community, Nurse Sagun Kandel has stepped up to provide compassionate and professional care over the phone. If you are in need of guidance, or someone to simply talk to through isolation, SHARE is here to listen.

“I talk to people about how coming to our classes affects them. Social isolation is awful – looking at four walls, not having enough money to do things, medications, the list goes on. Some men are not coping well not being able to provide for the family as the breadwinner. It has been very rewarding to help people by simply listening.” – says Sagun, pictured left.

“Regardless of the reason, talking has powerful psychological benefits that might not be obvious, but when we discuss about your problems, it can take on a few forms,” said Sagun.

We are honoured to have Sagun on our team, and have recieved hundreds of calls from the SHARE community.



To speak with Sagun, please call Head Office on 8580 0628 and ask for Sagun. Sagun is available every Monday from 9:30 am – 3 pm.

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